Present: Vice Admiral Sir Patrick Symons – President

Colonel Michael Reece RM – Vice President

Mike Noonan - Chairman/R08 Editor

Mick Dunnington - Vice Chairman

Denis Askham - Secretary/Historian/Area Co-ordinator

Robbie Cowan – Treasurer

Leigh Easton - Membership Sec/Webmaster

Jim Ure - Committee Member

Alan Yeomans - South East Area Rep

Neil Pearson/Harry Roddis - Yorkshire Area Reps

Antony Parsons – Wales Area Rep

David MacLeod – Devon, Dorset Rep

David Chapman-Andrews – HMS Centaur DVD Historian

Also present: 51 members in attendance. Meeting opened at 1032


1. Welcome: The chairman Mike Noonan welcomed the President,

committee, members & guests. The association standard was marched in by

Bernie Keane.

2. Roll of members crossing the bar: The membership secretary Leigh

Easton read out the names of members who had crossed the bar since our last

AGM. These were: Les Bray(L24)-Jim Cowell(796)-Ernie Ahern(928)-Edward Murray(1168)-Peter McTaggart(1307)-Brian Avery(1496)-Alan Halladay(1739)-Jim Vaughan(1903)-James Langham(2128)-William Hutchings(2140)-Paul Kent(2171)-Doug Pennistone(2183)-Vincent Thompson(2237)-Len Fishwick(2277)-Vivan Hiley(2328)-Mike Prosser(2332)-Terry Lewenden(2343)-John Brown(Captain RM-Bulwark 3 Commission).

A minutes silence in memory of these personnel followed.

3. Apologies for Absence: The secretary Denis Askham read out received

apologies. Capt. Jimmy James(1754)-Les Hutchin(1791)-Elliot Ness1316)--George Sexton(1604)-John Truscott(1176)-Jackie Truscott(1474)-Fred Cayton(1998)-Cdr Doug Parish(2319)-Tom Smith(2101)-Gareth Rogers(2438)-Jim Steel(14)-Chris Barret(2145)-George Somerville(2161)-Ken Dew(2273).

4. Minutes of AGM 2010: True record. Proposed by Bill Sheppard(2172). Seconded by Bill Reyner(1910). There were no matters arising.

5. Reports: Chairman. Mike praised the attendance of members present. The most he had ever seen. He spoke about the current status our 2 ships. A number of local members, including him, had visited HMS Albion alongside in Pompey. Mike read out a letter from Captain Morley, CO of HMS Albion. The chairman then asked David Chapman-Andrews to talk about his DVD’s.

David had 2 DVD’s on sale at a discounted price. ‘HMS Centaur-Aircraft Carrier’ & ‘Airfields of South Devon’. He detailed much of the work he had carried out.

Secretary. Denis said he had the usual busy 12 months. 16 members/guests had trips or visits on HMS Albion. Bulwark had been in refit until fairly recently. Contact Denis to register for these sea trips. We are sponsoring TS Centaur this year for a cadet to sail with TS Royalist or TS Jack Petchey.

Membership Secretary: Leigh said that current paid up membership totalled

632 as at 31/3/11. There were 69 new members & 51 defaulters. 331 newspapers were contacted & a fair number took out ‘freebie’ ads. Leigh thanked Robbie for his efforts. The association website continues to attract around half our new members.

Treasurer: Robbie presented the accounts. Net working capital is healthy. Subs remain at £8 per annum. Robbie was available after the meeting to take subs etc.

Accounts figures proposed by G Perren & seconded by A Brabant.

R08 Report: Mike said there was plenty of good feedback from members. Dits are always needed. The current ships are sent copies of the journal.

Area Representatives: Alan Yeomans (South East): said his area

membership was rising steadily. Last year’s festivals in Sheerness were excellent. He asked for relevant phone numbers/email addresses to be made available if possible. Denis said he would pass on contact info. To Alan If these new members agree.

Harry Roddis/Neil Pearson (South Yorks): Neil said their Trafalgar Dinner at Rotherham was a great success. Some members had travelled quite far to attend.

He asked about the current batch of Xmas cards. Neil asked if we could assist the Rotherham Sea Cadet Unit, TS Repulse, whose cadets excelled at their Trafalgar Bash. Proposed by Jim Ure(461) & seconded by John Bagley(1996).

Antony Parsons had little to report concerning South Wales.

Denis reported that he had phoned George Sexton last Monday evening. He sends his best wishes & is very upbeat about his Chemotherapy & is looking forward to being with us next time.

Mike Noonan updated us about John Truscott. John was having chemotherapy but there were other complications. He is very positive & we wish him well.

John was unanimously awarded Life Membership of the association for his hard work & dedication to the cause.

6. Committee Elections: Chairman. Denis said no new nominations had been received for the position of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Membership Secretary, Historian & Committee Member. Those present all agreed that there should be a block vote to unanimously re-elect the incumbents. Proposed by M Withington(1935) & seconded by D Pinder(927).

7. AGM 2012/2013/2014 Dates & Venue:

2012: Sec. said he had provisionally booked The Grand Hotel, Scarborough. Some concerns were raised about the venue. Lack of car parking & quite hilly etc. Sec. will look for an alternative venue if possible.

2013: Not discussed.

2014: The centenary of the sinking of HMS Bulwark 5. Mick Withington suggested that a Holiday Village at Sheerness could be ideal for this celebration & forwarded details to Denis. The venue wasn’t appropriate for a Gala Dinner but he could arrange a nearby hall if needed.

8. AOCB: Bernie Keane asked if he could be reimbursed for some fuel monies as & when he travels to present our Association Standard at various events. This was agreed in principle.

We agreed tonight’s raffle money would be donated to the Royal Naval Benevolent Fund.

9. President’s Address: Sir Pat thanked Denis, the ‘Yorkshire Mafia’, & all who have made positive contributions to another successful year. He said Defence cuts have suffered because of national requirements. The Navy still has enough ships & personnel for the current tasks. The seed corn of training is absolutely essential.

40% of personnel in Afghanistan are RN or RM. Sir Pat was confident that the future of the RN was positive.

10. Closing Remarks: Mike also thanked everyone present & closed the

meeting at 1204 hours.