Present: Vice Admiral Sir Patrick Symons – President

Mike Noonan - Chairman/R08 Editor

Mick Dunnington - Vice Chairman

Denis Askham - Secretary/Historian/Area Co-ordinator

Robbie Cowan – Treasurer

Leigh Easton - Membership Sec/Webmaster

Jim Ure - Committee Member

Alan Yeomans - South East Area Rep

Neil Pearson/Harry Roddis - Yorkshire Area Reps

David Chapman-Andrews – HMS Centaur DVD Historian

Also present: 66 members in attendance. Meeting opened at1035 hours.

1: Welcome: Chairman Mike Noonan welcomed the President, committee, members & guests. The association standard was marched in by Bernie Keane.

2: Roll of members crossing the bar: The membership secretary Leigh Easton read out the names of members who had crossed the bar since our last AGM. These were: Chris Bryden(446)-David Bastiani(866)-Bob Obree(1059)-Vic Marklew(1253)-Donald Lord MBE(1680)-Leslie Hallam(1742)-Sydney Thompson(1765)-Evan Jenkins(1886)-Keith Weetman(2296)-Peter White(2370)-Ronald Pye(2468)-June Ure, wife of Committee Member Jim Ure. June was a regular AGM attendee and will be sadly missed. CTB 2 Dec. 2011.

We have also been notified of the death of Michael 'Mick' Fugett AB Bulwark 1 Commission-CTB in New Zealand 1 August 2011.

A minutes silence in memory of these personnel followed.

3: Apologies for Absence: The secretary Denis Askham read out received apologies. Col. Mike Reece(155)-Capt.Jimmy James(1754)-John Truscott(1176)-Jackie Truscott(1474)-Bill Sheppard(2172)-Bob Chapman(1567)-Elliot Ness1316)-David Saltmarsh(1444)-Mick Withington(1935).

4: Minutes of AGM 2011: True record. Proposed by Dave Pinder(927) & seconded by Alan Yeomans(1836). There were no matters arising.

5: Reports: Chairman & R08 Editor:Mike was sorry that no personnel from the current ships could attend. He noted that many members had CTB recently including David MacLeod & June Ure. Their funerals were well attended. We were glad to see George Sexton & Harry Watson amongst us following their respective hospital treatments. Mike said John Truscott had started work again & sends his regards. John is hoping to be with us next year.

R08: Mike explained he keeps the Journals to a maximum of 36 pages to stay within the 2nd class postage. The Daughter of the late Cdr Frith had sent him the Centaur 1962-63 commission scrapbook but he still required material to fill the RO8 pages.

David Chapman-Andrews: David said he had had 2 DVD’s on sale at a discounted price. ‘HMS Centaur-Aircraft Carrier’ & ‘Airfields of South Devon’.

S ecretary. Denis said he had the usual busy 12 months. 76 members/guests had trips or visits on HMS Albion & Bulwark in the past 5 years. Albion is mothballed currently but contact Denis to register for sea trips. We are sponsoring TS Centaur this year for a cadet to sail with TS Royalist or TS Jack Petchey.

The 2 coaches leave for RNA Fleetwood at 1130 hours tomorrow, returning from Fleetwood at 1530 hours.

Membership Secretary: Leigh said that current paid up membership totalled 622 as at 31/3/12. There were 55 new members & 50 defaulters. 258 newspapers were contacted & a fair number took out ‘freebie’ ads. Leigh thanked Robbie & Navy News for their efforts. He also thanked the Royal British Legion and the RNA for their contribution.The association website continues to attract around half our new members.

Treasurer: Robbie presented the accounts. Net working capital is healthy. Subs remain at £8 per annum. Robbie was available after the meeting to take subs etc. Accounts figures proposed by D Pinder(927) & seconded by T Griffin(2135).

Area Representatives: Alan Yeomans (South East): Despite writing to numerous area members, Alan gets little response but is always available. He knows that most are happy to receive the Journal. Our 100th anniversary arrangements in 2014 may be the catalyst for Kent members involvement. Alan said the Blackpool Hilton Hotel was an excellent choice for a Reunion Weekend.

Harry Roddis/Neil Pearson (South Yorks): Neil said the October Trafalgar Dinner venue was confirmed as the Ardsley House Hotel in Barnsley. Harry asked if the association could contribute towards Trafalgar evening. £200 was agreed by all. Packs of Xmas cards are available to buy.

6: Committee Elections: Area Representatives. Committee & members all agreed that the current incumbents remain in position & their was no need for a vote

7: AGM /2013/2014 Dates & Venue:

2013: Mike said he & Bob had booked The Royal Beach Hotel, Southsea.. The package would be a similar price to Blackpool. Discounted drinks also. Details in future Journals

2014: Not discussed.

8: AOCB:

Denis said if anyone wanted to receive R08 Journals online instead of through the post to inform Mike.

Bob Styants asked if our AGM Weekend would be better in July or August as a glut of Reunions are held in May.

Denis confirmed that tonight’s raffle money would be donated to the Royal Naval Association, Fleetwood & TS Conquerer, SCC Fleetwood Unit. All agreed.

9: President’s Address: Sir Pat thanked the committee, the ‘Yorkshire Mafia’, & all who have made positive contributions to another successful year. He had recently attended an MOD briefing & said the way forward was for combined forces to operate as required. Sir Pat was confident that the future of the RN was positive.

10: Closing Remarks: Mike thanked everyone present & closed the meeting at 1148 hours.