Vice-Admiral Sir Patrick Symons – President

Mike Noonan - Chairman/R08 Editor

Mick Dunnington - Vice Chairman

Denis Askham - Secretary/Historian/Area Co-ordinator

Robbie Cowan – Treasurer

Leigh Easton - Membership Sec/Webmaster

Mike Patten-Hall – West Country Rep

Alan Yeomans - South East Area Rep

Neil Pearson/Harry Roddis - Yorkshire Area Reps

David Chapman-Andrews – HMS Centaur DVD Historian

Also present: 67 members in attendance. Meeting opened at 1033 hours.

1: Welcome: Chairman welcomed the President, committee, members & guests.

The association standard was marched in by Bernie Keane.

2: Roll of members crossing the bar: The membership secretary read out the names of members who had crossed the bar since our last AGM. These were: William Bullock(952)-Walley Eley(1047)- Ray Owens(1360)-(Robin Wood(1545)-Raymond Guest(1662)-Brian Searl(1811)-George Shepherd(1926)-James Carrick(2280)-Anthony Scales(2287)-Neville Saunders(2291)-Vivian Hiley(2328)-John Thomas(2362)- William Davies(2446)-Michael Hines(non-member).

A minutes silence in memory of these personnel followed.

3: Apologies for Absence: The secretary read out received apologies. Col. Mick Reece(155)-Capt. Jimmy James(1754)-John Truscott(1176)-Jackie Truscott(1474)-Rick Irvine(1515)-Bill Sheppard(2172)-George Sexton(1604)-Jim Steele(14)-Brian Walden(803)-Peter Ames(649)-Paul Wilson(2201)-Harry Watson(2187)-Grant Ness(1316)-Bill Rayner(1910)-Dennis Martin(2554)-Mick Morris(2057)-Dave Drummond(2524)-Allen Gittens(156)-John Sharp(1247)-Richard Evans(2323)-John Packer(2022)-Jim Ure(461).

4: Minutes of AGM 2012: True record. Proposed by Alan Key(2251) & seconded by T Griffin(2253). There were no matters arising.

5: Reports: Chairman. Overall the Association is in good shape both financially as we will hear from the Treasurer and in members participating in our events. Mike pointed out most of the officers of the committee had been in post for 12/13 years and invited members present to think about putting their name forward for a committee job as and when the re-elections occur. This year our Treasurer is up for re-election whilst in 2014 the posts of Chairman & Vice Chairman and Secretary are up for re-election. With the exception of the Vice Chairman who is not seeking re-election the other two incumbents are happy to continue in post if necessary.

R08 Editor: Mike thanked everyone who sent in material and asked members to keep sending in those memories, dits, photos etc. everyone enjoys reading these stories that take us back to our younger days

Secretary: Denis said he had the usual busy 12 months. HMS Albion is mothballed currently but contact Denis to register for sea trips. We are sponsoring a TS Bulwark cadet this year to sail with a Training Ship. Denis & Mary attended TS Bulwark’s night in Buxton. Their new drill hall extension was formally opened. Anyone wanting tickets for 2013 Remembrance Day should get in touch.

Regionally. We will have new area reps. for the North West & East Anglia in the near future. Mick Kenyon, & John Packer.

Membership Secretary: Leigh said that current paid up membership totalled 610 as at 31/3/13. This compared to 622 last year. There were 63 new members & 65 defaulters. 345 newspapers were contacted & a fair number took out ‘freebie’ ads. Leigh thanked Robbie & Navy News for their efforts. He also thanked the Royal British Legion and the RNA for their contribution. The association website continues to attract around half our new members & now carries the R08.

Treasurer: Robbie presented the accounts. Net working capital is healthy. Subs remain at £8 per annum. Robbie was available after the meeting to take subs etc. Accounts figures proposed by D Pinder(927) & seconded by Neil Pearson(xxxx).

Area Representatives: Alan Yeomans (South East): Our 100th anniversary arrangements in 2014 may be the catalyst for Kent members involvement.

Harry Roddis/Neil Pearson (South Yorks): They said the October Trafalgar Dinner was a success in Barnsley. The new Rum Barrel had been recently christened in Rotherham. Packs of Xmas cards are available to buy. Local get togethers are ongoing.

Mike Patten-Hall (West Country) had been in contact with local members.

6: Committee Elections:

Treasurer: Sec. has received no nominations for the post. Robbie is happy to carry on.

R08 Editor: Sec. has received no nominations for the post. Mike is happy to carry on & combine his duties.

Committee Members: John & Jackie Truscott. Confirmed.

7: AGM /2014 Reunion & Bulwark 5 100TH Anniversary Dates & Venue:

2014 Reunion: Sec. said he had provisionally booked Bosworth Hall in Warwickshire for the 2014 Reunion. An inland venue close to the National Arboretum. Details in the Summer R08.

A general discussion followed. Tillington Hall could be an alternative venue.

2014 Bulwark 100th Anniversary: Chairman has booked the King Charles Hotel in Chatham.

Local co-ordination will be done by Mick Withington & Alan Yeomans.

8: AOCB:

Sec. was delighted to announce that our two stalwart committee members Chairman Noonan & Treasurer Cowan were being made Life Members of the association for their services & unstinting loyalty over many years. Appropriate this year as they have organised us here this weekend.

Sir Patrick presented them with certificates & thanked them.

Alan Key has compiled a detailed book of HMS Centaur. Copies for sale.

Atlantic Convoys Commemoration. Mick Kenyon gave details of the Liverpool weekend which includes a visit to HMS Bulwark.

Sec. confirmed that tonight’s raffle money would be added to our funds as we have been very generous to other causes in the last few years.

9: President’s Address:

Sir Pat thanked the committee & all who have made positive contributions to another successful year. He updated us about the Strategic Agreement which stated that the RN was central to future operations. Although life was tough the Equipment Budget was biased towards the RN.

Sir Pat was very optimistic about the future.

10: Closing Remarks: Mike thanked everyone present & closed the meeting at 1140 hours.