Vice-Admiral Sir Patrick Symons – President

Mike Noonan - Chairman/R08 Editor

Mick Dunnington - Vice Chairman

Denis Askham - Secretary/Historian/Area Co-ordinator

Bob Cowan Treasurer

Mike Patten-Hall – West Country Rep

Neil Pearson/Harry Roddis - Yorkshire Area Reps

Also present: 57 members in attendance. Meeting opened at 1033 hours.

1: Welcome: Chairman welcomed the President, committee, members & guests.

The association standard was marched in by Bernie Keane.

2: Roll of members crossing the bar: The secretary (for absent membership secretary) read out the names of members who had Crossed the Bar since our last AGM. These were: Colin Taylor(L208)-Grant Ness(1316)-Peter Roalf(1343)-Joseph McWilliams(1678)-Peter Brown(1831)-Anthony Paul Sims(1840)-William Watson(2047)-Andrew Paton(2350)-Brian Pill(2353)-John Brackenridge(2022).Anthony Bayne(2521).

We have also been notified of the death of Donald Keith Palmer, Ships Electrician & Diver who served in the 1950s.

A minutes silence in memory of these personnel followed.

3: Apologies for Absence: The secretary read out received apologies. Col. Mick Reece(155)-Capt. Jimmy James(1754)Commodore Jerry Stanford(2406)-Leigh Easton(1418)-Mary Easton(2222)-Mike Kenyon(2407)-John Truscott(1176)-Jackie Truscott(1474)-Rick Irvine(1515)-Bill Sheppard(2172)-John Packer(2022)-Bill Rayner(1910)-Peter Ames(649)-David Drummond(2524)-Richard Evans(2323)-Mick Withington(1935).

4: Minutes of AGM 2013: True record. Proposed by Neil Pearson (1483) & seconded by Roy Walton (22). There were no matters arising.

5: Reports: Chairman. Chairman highlighted the impending loss of some committee members. He has been looking to step down in this role. He said he would be carrying on for another year then resigning at the next AGM. No volunteers were forthcoming.

Mike read a list of venues where Bernie Keane has been displaying the association standard.

R08 Editor: Mike said he will carry on as Editor of the R08. Anyone can now have a PDF copy on line instead of a posted journal. Printing costs remain competitive but posting costs have spiralled. recently. All dits are welcome.

Vice-Chairman: Mick said he has resigned from the post. It has entailed little input from him over the years & understood there may be a volunteer waiting in the wings.

Secretary: A busy year as ever but slightly unusual in that this venue wasn’t chosen until a couple of months after our Southsea event last year. Nevertheless a great turnout this weekend & there will be 116 sitting down for our dinner this evening.

Thanks to all who have been in touch. This year we aren’t sponsoring a sea cadet & the association will be retaining the raffle prize money collected this evening. It will help to finance the Bulwark 100 Commemoration in November.

I enjoyed my 1st Whitehall Remembrance Day march in November. I receive tickets in September. If anyone requires tickets please get in touch.

Finally, our 2 guests at dinner this evening are the CO & Admin Officer of the local Sea Cadet Unit in Southport, TS Active.

Membership Secretary: Secretary (for absent membership secretary) said that current paid up membership totalled 593 as at 31/3/14. This compared to 610 last year. There were 29 new members & 45 defaulters. 263 newspapers were contacted & a fair number took out ‘freebie’ ads. Leigh thanked Robbie & Navy News for their efforts. He also thanked the Royal British Legion and the RNA for their contribution. The website also contributes exceedingly well to the membership numbers, now exceeding those recruited by local newspaper ads. Hopefully it continues to be of interest. This becomes more important as local newspapers suddenly disappear.

Treasurer: Bob presented the accounts. Net working capital is healthy. Subs remain at £8 per annum. Robbie was available after the meeting to take subs etc.

Accounts records proposed by Bob Preece (2142) & seconded by Dave Pinder (927).

Area Representatives: As Area Reps. Co-ordinator Denis thanked all our reps. who do a sterling job. Some are very pro-active while others are a point of contact. All have the same objective.

Mick Kenyon (North West): Denis thanked Mick for his written report & sent his good wishes.

John Packer (East Anglia): Denis said John has been in touch recently after illness & is contacting local members.

Richard Evans (Wales): Richard has updated Denis recently.

Mike Patten-Hall (West Country): He said he was contacting local members in his area to try & have a get-together.

Harry Roddis/Neil Pearson (Yorkshire Mafia): Harry said local meetings were held regularly in the Prince of Wales, Greasborough. Landlord Dennis’s wife Christine recently passed away.

Neil has visited the arboretum where our tree & plinth are looking good.

6: Committee Elections:

Chairman: Sec. has received no nominations. Mike Noonan will carry on until next AGM & combine his duties as R08 Editor. He will then stand down.

Vice-Chairman: Mick Dunnington resigned. Sec. received a nomination from Jim Ure. Proposed by Mike Patten-Hall (2157) & seconded by George Sexton (1604). Mick presented the badge to Jim.

Secretary: No nominations. Denis Askham is re-elected.

Membership Secretary/Webmaster: No nominations. Leigh Easton is re-elected.

Historian: No nominations. Denis Askham is re-elected.

Committee Member: No nominations.

7: Bulwark 5 100TH Anniversary Dates & Venue & AGM/2015 Reunion:

2014 Bulwark 100th Anniversary: Commemoration weekend. Chairman has booked the King Charles Hotel in Gillingham. Booking forms available here & on line. Sec. has confirmed that Rev. Andrew Huckett will conduct the weekend services.

Local co-ordination is being done by Mick Withington. £50 has been donated by the local Round Table & tug hire/transport is being arranged. More details in future R08 Journals.

2015 Reunion: Chairman said that the Royal Beach, Southsea had been booked. R.M. had been booked for the Saturday evening.

8: AOCB:

-Sec. confirmed that tonight’s raffle money would be added to our funds which will help to fund some of Bulwark 100.

-John Bagley (1996) said he was disappointed that sea cadets were not being sponsored this year. He suggested local area sea cadet units could be considered for sponsorship in the future.

-Ken Bushnell (2472) said the Ganges Association regularly sponsored some area sea cadet units by asking them what they required funding for.

-David Chapman-Andrews (2385) has a DVD on sale named “RAF DUNKESWELL” & detailed its history.

-Neil Pearson (1483) suggested Dinner Jackets/Black Tie dress code for future gala dinners. Chairman asked for a straw poll to be taken. Approx. 80% prefer to wear blazers or suits on this showing.

-Bungy Williams (508) asked where the association’s memorabilia was kept.

-Bob Preece (2142) mentioned that the RNA is unveiling a National RN Memorial at the Arboretum in July. Chairman said we are not planning anything here as an association.

-Alan Walker (1443) wondered if our association could obtain tickets for the HMS Queen Elizabeth event. Chairman suggested the CONA organisation might be relevant for this.

9: President’s Address:

Sir Pat thanked the committee & all who have made positive contributions to another successful year. He said from his involvement in the Marine Society that sea cadets are the best recruiting area & enhance the reputation of the RN.

As per Admiralty Board briefings, the Andrew is shrinking & it is difficult to cope with some shortages, e.g. submarines staffing.

The future of our association is in your hands. Recognise the activities of the treasurer & secretary & welcome to Jim Ure as vice-chair. Remember that activities enhance the association.

On a personal note, Sir Pat said that health issues would limit his future attendance on association


A round of applause followed.

10: Closing Remarks: Mike thanked everyone present & closed the meeting at 1146 hours.