Col. Mick Reece Vice President

Mike Noonan - Chairman/R08 Editor

Jim Ure- Vice Chairman

Leigh Easton – Membership Secretary

Keith HarrisActing Treasurer

Mike Patten-Hall – West Country Rep

Neil Pearson/Harry Roddis - Yorkshire Area Reps

Mike Kenyon North West Rep

Also present: 61 members in attendance. Meeting opened at 1042 hours.

1: Welcome: Chairman welcomed the President, committee, members & guests.

The association standard was marched in by Bernie Keane.

2: Roll of members crossing the bar: The membership secretary read out the names of members who had CTB since our last AGM. These were: Allan Gittens-(156)-Bob Cowan(L707)-Taff Morgan(1035)-Alan Skelson(1152)-John Truscott(L1176)-Peter Wiilimont(1532)-George Sexton(1604)-Noel “Jimmy” James(1754)-Charles Caldecott(1885)-Henry Banham(2098)-George Ely (2123)-Harold Jones(2244)-IanLatimar(2496)-TonyBayne(2521)-BrianPill(2353)-Fred Suddaby(2536)-Frank Slack(2539). We have also been We We have also been notified of the death of Neal Edmunds LET(ME) due to an accident on the current HMS Bulwark.

A minutes silence in memory of these personnel followed.

3: Apologies for Absence. Vice-Admiral Sir Patrick Symons(1200)-John Sharp(1247)-Rick Irvine(1515)-Bill Sheppard(2172)-John Packer(2022)-Peter Ames(649)-Richard Evans(2323)-Denis Askham(1748).

4: Minutes of AGM 2014: True record. Proposed by Les Hutchins (1791) & seconded by Alan Yeomans (1836). There were no matters arising.

5: Reports: Chairman. Mike will remain as Chair due to recent events ie Bob CTB. He introduced our new Treasurer to be Keith Harris. Keith had been given access to Bob’s accounts etc. He also attended Bob’s funeral. Mike conveyed apologies on behalf of Sir Pat, who wished us well for the AGM.

R08 Editor: Mike said he will carry on as Editor of the R08. Anyone can now have a PDF copy on line instead of a posted journal. All dits are welcome. Proposed by Jim Ure (461) & seconded by Dave Pinder (927).

Secretary: A busy year as ever. Thanks to all who have been in touch. Mary & I attended TS Bulwark’s presentation evening in Buxton mid-March. I presented the Leslie Hallam Trophy to the winning Cadet Ordinary Cadet, Jonathon Devine.

Bulwark 100 was a fitting tribute to the 1914 dead. I think everyone present contributed to a fabulous weekend in the Garden of England.

This year there are 2 significant events happening at TS Centaur, Dudley this year.

The association is sponsoring a cadet from the Unit & the HMS Centaur Bell & framed picture from Upavon, Wilts. Is being transported to Dudley soon.

Membership Secretary: Leigh said it was his time to go & that current paid up membership totalled around 600 as at 31/3/15. He still contacted newspapers & Navy News advertising for new members. One member was present here after reading his local paper. Website is still prominent & hits taken.

Treasurer: Keith Harris said he’s looked at the books for a couple of weeks. Bob kept paperwork for 15 years. Keith will keep them 2-3 years. He paid tribute to Bob for his work over the years. The R08 Journal with postage is our main annual cost. Keith proposed to raise subscriptions to £10 from 2016. Seconded by John Bagley (1996). He gave a resume of his credentials & suggested a trip to Malta next year. This seemed popular.

Area Representatives:.

Harry Roddis/Neil Pearson (Yorkshire Mafia): Harry said 3 local meetings were held in the Prince of Wales, Greasborough & were well supported. Some had travelled a fair distance. Harry said Ron Day wasn’t too good & members had visited him at home. Sheila Ashton, the wife of Keith “Tiny” Ashton had passed away after a long illness. Local members & wives attended the funeral.

Mike Kenyon (North West): had attended George Sexton’s funeral with Steve Foster & Soapy Watson. Mike had read the Naval Prayer at the funeral.

Mike Patten-Hall (West Country): Hadn’t been too active due to family business. He was now focused & hoped for a better year.

Vice-Chairman: Jim Ure thanked members for welcoming to the committee. He is now the Rum Bosun & will also look after the Ensign.

6: Elections

Treasurer: Keith Harris is elected. Proposed by Mike Noonan (204) & seconded by Terry Grffin (2135)

R08 Editor: Mike Noonan is re-elected. Proposed by Jim Ure (461) & seconded by Dave Pinder (927)

Membership Secretary: Vacancy. Leigh has stood down.

7: Date Venue Reunion 2016

Mike Noonan said Denis had provisionally booked the Hilton Hotel in Newport. This was received favourably.

8: AOB

Ship’s crest presented to the hotel manager. Photo taken.

Mike Kenyon suggested approaching Liaison Officer Amphibious Forces for a future visit. MN to action.

9: Vice-President’s Address

Colonel Reece passed on Sir Pat’s best wishes. The Col. Had attended Bob’s funeral. He mentioned a crew members death on the current Bulwark.

He said the key to the association’s continued success was the involvement of the members & new blood from the current ships. They are the future. Colonel Reece recalled a dit about Captain Jimmy James & Linsy. They CTB on the very same day.

10: Closing Remarks: Mike thanked everyone present & closed the meeting at 1145 hours.