1: Welcome: Chairman welcomed the Vice-President, committee, members & guests.

The association standard was marched in by Bernie Keane.

2: Roll of members crossing the bar: The secretary read out the names of members who had CTB since our last AGM. These were: -Ron Day(1394)-George Hockley(1267)-Antony Stevenson(1423)-Stanley Gilbert(1430)- Donald Orr(1755)-William Reynolds(1792)-Brian Tully(2064)-Bernie Tebutt(2102)-Michael Kenyon(2407)-Michael Shatford(2408)-Arthur Atkinson (2530)-Frederick Jones(2600)-Eric Poynton(1594)-George Silverio(1485)-Henry Shepherd(2317)-Neville Talbot(1157)-Eric Edwards(2015).

We have also been notified of the death of: Ted Mallett Lt. WEO Albion & Bulwark- Frank Plumb All 3 Ships AF/AE- Cdr. David Pepper 845 & 800 Sqns - John Heslop CPO Medic Bulwark '70s.

A minute silence in memory of these personnel followed.

3: Apologies for Absence. Vice Admiral Sir Pat Symons(1110)Col.Michael Reece(155)-Bill Sheppard(2172)-Leigh Easton(1418)-Mary Easton-(2222)-Dave Pinder(927)-Joie Pinder-(2069)John Bagley(1996)-Bob Styants(1533)-Mary Waite(1940)-Bill Rayner(1910)-Jim Rose(1451)-Bob Preece(2142)-Richard Palmer(2592)-Alan Yeomans(1836)-John Whale(2545)-Cliff Pell(2338)-Ian Chesney(502)-Dr Martin Berger(2452)-John Swan(2410).

4: Minutes of AGM 2015: True record. Proposed by Peter Francis (2150) & seconded by Mike Patten-Hall(2150). There were no matters arising.

5: Reports:

Chairman. Mike has been in the post for more than 14 years & had taken over initially in a temporary position. He paid tribute to former committee members including the late John Truscott, Robbie Cowan & Leigh Easton for their significant contributions.

It was now time for a change.

R08 Editor: Mike has been in contact with an interested member but will continue to edit the R08 Journal until further notice.

Secretary: Busy 12 months. Main concern was planning this event. TS Bulwark failed to contact me for their Presentation evening in March. Two Cadets from TS Centaur, Dudley are sponsored for Training Ships in 2016. I attended a couple of funerals in Dewsbury & Preston & our old pals Ron Day & Mike Kenyon.

Membership Secretary: Denis said current paid up membership totalled around 507. Newspapers & Navy News etc. have been contacted advertising for new members. Website is very significant. Thanks to Leigh Easton for the recent updates of membership lists & figures.

Treasurer: Keith said his report was in the R08. Subs. were now £10 per annum. Discussed Standard Bearing costs if requested at funerals within the UK. Membership had fallen by 100 in the 12 months. Donations have been received. Finances are healthy but we need to be prudent.

Area Representatives:. Harry Roddis/Neil Pearson (Yorkshire Mafia): Harry said local meetings were held in the Milton Arms, Greasborough & were well supported. Some had travelled a fair distance. Ron Day had passed away after a long illness. Local members & wives attended the funeral. Yorkshire Mafia is thriving.

Mike Patten-Hall (West Country): Hadn’t been too active due to family business. He was now focused & hoped for a better year.

John Swan (Kent/Sussex) was unable to attend & posted his detailed written report. Sec. thanked John for his efforts & will be in touch.

Richard Palmer (North East) was unable to attend. Sec. has been in touch & thanked John for providing information about a possible Reunion in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Vice-Chairman: Jim Ure. He is the Rum Bosun & also looks after the Ensign.

6: Elections

Chairman: Sec. had received a nomination from Bernie Keane(1640). There were no other nominations. Proposed by Mick Dunnington (692) & seconded by Bill Forrester (2269). Bernie Keane is elected as Chairman. Bernie will fulfil his standard bearing duties for this weekend.

R08 Editor: There is member interest. Mike Noonan will keep us posted of any developments.

Secretary: No nominations received. Denis Askham (1748) to remain as Sec. but aims to stand down at AGM 2017 after 10 years in the post.

Membership Secretary: Vacant. Leigh Easton has stood down. S ec. had received a nomination from Harry Roddis(1482). No other nominations. Proposed by Allan Brabant(2147) & seconded by Bill Carr(2436). Harry Roddis is nominated as Membership Secretary.

Historian: Sec. had received a nomination from Mike Allport(2177). No other nominations. Proposed by John Bolton(2063) & seconded by Dusty Miller(2550). Mike Allport is nominated as Association Historian & takes over from Denis Askham. Denis remains as Archivist.

Committee Member: Sec. had received a nomination from Mike Noonan(204). Proposed by Neil Pearson(1483) & seconded by Sharkey Ward(2466). Mike Noonan becomes a Committee Member & will remain the association representative for the Confederation of Naval Associations aka CONA.

Standard Bearer: Any nominations welcome.

7: AGM/2017 Reunion: Our North East Rep. Richard Palmer has been enquiring about the Britannia Airport Hotel, Newcastle Upon Tyne & had negotiated initial terms.

Some members said we should be “south based” next year & a healthy discussion took place. An informal show of hands revealed divided loyalties. Thus Sec. announced he would take further soundings with other members & an alternative venue may be sought.

8: AOCB:

*John Bolton instigated thanks & a round of applause for Mike Noonan’s lengthy Chairmanship.

*Harry Roddis enquired about a reprint of Association Xmas cards.

*Sec. read an email from the current Captain of HMS Bulwark.

*Mike Noonan suggested that our £15 annual subs. to the FAA should be annulled. Treasurer will action.

*Sec.-Order of Service & wreath laying at Tree & Plinth area at Arboretum.

*Sec. -Payment for the Arboretum Coach welcome in advance.

*Malta trip discussed.

9: Vice-President’s Address:

Cdre. Jerry Stanford relayed a message from our President who was unable to attend. He said Sir Patrick was with us all in spirit & sent his best wishes for a good weekend. Jerry was delighted to have made the journey & have the odd pint with some of the members last night. He paid tribute to Mike, the outgoing Chairman. He said the association was in good shape & he will seek his contacts to promote the association & to encourage new members. Jerry thanked everyone present & earned a rousing round of applause.

10: Closing Remarks: Mike officially handed over to Bernie Keane & thanked everyone present for his swansong & closed the meeting at 1219 hours.